Ready, Set, Decorate!

I am happy to announce that once again I am running the annual CodeMash
Door Decorating Competition. You only have a few weeks left to come up
with a great, award winning design that will blow the socks off the
CodeMash attendees!

Starting on Wednesday and running through Friday at lunch I will be
roaming the halls of the hotels taking pictures of decorated doors. This
competition is not just to show off your skills but to continue to let
those cheerleaders know that they are not the only ones who have serious
conference spirit!

To get yourself in the mood (and to see what has been done at previous
events), check out and get ready to decorate. Keep
that address bookmarked as you will need to know it during the
conference as your vote counts. Vote for the doors you love the best.

My personal thanks to the incomparable Emily Schweiss for donating another fabulous prize for
this year.

And now for the amateur legalistic mumbo jumbo: note that this
competition is something that I am doing personally, it is not
affiliated with CodeMash, any vendors/sponsors, other speakers, the
Kalahari resort or anyone else on the planet. Please remember that the
doors are Kalahari property and you should not do any damage to them
unless you feel like paying for a new door.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!