Hey, You Got Your API In My Website!

Why would you want to build both your wesbite and then repeat much of the same code to add on an API? Using the open source ServiceStack.NET project you can easily build both a website and web services with a single set of code. We will build a Razor based site that embed standards compliant web services that return any number of response formats including JSON, POX and SOAP. Even better, all of this runs on Mono so you can host your application on a number of different platforms. In addition we will review the ServiceStack.NET client that allows you to call the services with almost zero effort on any platform that supports .NET or Mono including Android and iPhone.

One thought on “Hey, You Got Your API In My Website!

  1. jberke

    Preety cool talk. I’ve taken stabs at doing this, although I’ve landed on seperating my controllers into an API layer that handles all the ajax and other ws calls from the controllers that return the views…

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