Central Ohio Day of .NET and beyond

This past weekend I had the honor of giving my Application Security talk at the Central Ohio Day of .NET.  Despite my initial fumbling with getting the correct formatting of a <script> tag during the initial Cross-Site Scripting demonstration everything went well and I had a lot of fun talking security. My only excuse is that I have been writing lots of WiX scripts lately so I am conditioned to putting almost everything as attributes and not in the bodies of the elements.  The slides are now posted on SpeakerDeck.

Since I was scheduled in the first timeslot on the schedule and the kids were off with their aunts and cousins for the entire day I was able to catch a number of the other great sessions at the event.  I particularly enjoyed Sadukie’s presentation on PowerShell 3. I’ve been buried in other stuff lately and haven’t had the time to keep up with the changes, but now I feel like I now have a better handle on the highlights. I am now ready to go off and update some of my older PowerShell scripts to use some of the V3 features.

I also was able to see the first public presentation of Bill Sempf’s testing Windows 8 HTML applications with QUnit talk. As with all of Bill’s talks it was not only informative but very entertaining. I admit, as a hard core .NET guy I had not given much thought to non-.NET development for Windows 8 but after seeing what Bill was doing with HTML/JS/CSS Windows 8 apps I may be reconsidering.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win a copy of Bill’s Win8 book so I’ll have to go buy my own copy.  I’m sure he won’t mind the extra royalties.

The Central Ohio Day of .NET was an awesome event, thanks to James Bender and the rest of the crew for all of the work they put into it!  My only regret was that I wasn’t able to stay for the after party: a gaming night coordinated by Mike Wood and Brian Prince.

My final technical presentation of 2012 will be at the OWASP Cleveland meeting on December 18th. I will be talking about Reverse Engineering .NET and Java.  If you are around I hope to see you there.

With all of the driving I have been doing this fall I have had time to work on some new talks for 2013. I just updated my list of talks to include five new abstracts. If you would like to have me present at an event please drop me a line.

Speaking of 2013, I submitted a number of abstracts for CodepaLOUsa 2013. This is an event that I really love. Held in Louisville, KY in April it promises to be a great time and always has some of the best content.  The CFP is open until December 14th.  If you have anything good to share please consider submitting a talk!

I am still working on the website for the CodeMash Door Decorating Competition. I hope to have something beta worthy soon for public consumption.

I expect 2013 to be a big year with lots of fun and excitement.  I hope to see you around at future events. If you are looking to complete your Conference Bingo card I’m the guy in the kilt.  If you see me come on up and introduce yourself!

Happy holidays and best wishes for a great New Year!