My AOP talk at CodepaLOUsa is up on InfoQ

Well, I can think of no more fitting purpose for my initial blog post then blatant self-promotion.

Back in March 2012 I had the honor to give two presentations at CodepaLOUsa 2012 and my talk on Aspect Orientated Programming was selected to be recorded by InfoQ.  You can check the video out here:  You can get the most current version of the source code I use in this presentation at the project page and the slides are here.

My other talk on Application Security was not recorded but expect to see content from it on this blog in the future.

This was my second time presenting at CodepaLOUsa as in 2011 I spoke on Reverse Engineering .NET Applications and on professional development.

The conference itself was extremely well run and I would like to thank the organizers and volunteers who put in so much time to make such an event run smoothly, I know how much work is involved in organizing events.

If you are anywhere in the region of Louisville, KY in April 2013 plan on attending the next edition of this outstanding conference, it is a great value and I guarantee you will come away with lots of new ideas.

As with every conference I’ve attended the value is not just in what goes on in the sessions but also what happens in and around the conference.  CodepaLOUsa had a great Open Spaces set up again in 2012 (run by the ever capable Alan Stevens) and I had some great discussions on hiring and keeping technical people as well as follow ups to some of the conference sessions I attended.

Finally I would like to leave you with one of my favorite memories from the conference: sitting around on the patio in the evening talking technology and more with a bunch of smart and interesting people.  That is why I love being involved in the technical community, once you find the right people you’ll never want to stop.

If you are interested in seeing me give this presentation live I am planning on keeping it updated and continuing to shop it around the greater Ohio area.  I’ll be posting updates to this blog on events that I will be attending as well as diving deeper into topics that I touch on during my talks, especially in the security and productivity areas.