Application Security at DogFoodCon

Last week I had the honor of presenting at the Dog Food Conference in Columbus, OH.  Dog Food Conference was a really interesting conference for me to present at, because it is targeted at IT Professionals, especially operations and DBAs.  I have worked for some small companies and have been able to play multiple roles from developer to system and network administrator to DBA and I love being able to work in multiple areas and relate to a variety of audiences.

I presented on “Application Security: What your developers don’t know can hurt you”, an adaption of the AppSec talk that I have been giving to developers in the region to raise the awareness of making sure applications are secure by default. The slides for my Dog Food presentation are on Speaker Deck here

The talk was well received and we more than filled the room.  I had the chance to have some great conversations about application security with the mostly IT Pro crowd and I tried to give them good tips of what to watch for in the applications that they run and how to work with their development teams.

I want to thank all of the organizers and volunteers who made this conference happen, it was well run and a welcome addition to the regional technical conference scene.  I definitely plan on attending future events.

Going to the conference made me reflect on the great times I have had working with various IT Pros over the years and how grateful I am to have had to opportunity to learn from them. In my development career I always keep in mind that the operations folks are not the enemy, they are teammates and we are all trying to make things better.

One of the best ways I have found to create a good bond (and excellent working relationships) between development and operations is to take time to do fun things together. Sharing meals and good, fun team building exercises (hello Brew Kettle) can have an amazing effect on Development/Operations relationships.

I have worked with many great operational people over the years but I would like to publicly thank some of those who I learned the most from.  Special thanks to: Allen (web, twitter), Chuck, Doug, Matt, Dan, Greg (web, twitter), Rich (web, twitter), Rob and Sue.

Finally, I will be giving the more developer focused version of this talk at the Central Ohio Day of .NET on December 8, 2012.  Get your tickets now, there are a limited number and they are going fast.  I also hope to see you at 1DevDay Detroit on November 17th where I will be giving a talk on reverse engineering .NET and Java.  I hope to see you around!