CodeMash Door Decorating Competition

OK, CodeMash get ready to get your decorating on!  For the past few years I have been jealous of the cheerleaders that come to the Kalahari after CodeMash and decorate their room doors.  This year I have decided to do something about it.

Before I go into the details I want to call out that I am doing this completely on my own, this is *not* an official event associated with the CodeMash conference, put on by any of  the fine folks at CodeMash or by any sponsors.  I just want to see this happen and may have found a few willing dupes….err, kind-hearted volunteer helpers to give me a hand.

OK, disclaimers out of the way here is what I am planning.  During every day of the CodeMash conference (and probably on the Wednesday pre-compiler day) I will be wandering the halls of the Kalahari and the overflow hotels looking for decorated room doors.  When I find a decorated door I will take a picture of it and (after evading hotel security) will post it to a yet to be determined location.  Voting on the best decorated door will be open to the public, mostly because it is less hassle for me that way but also so that anyone not lucky enough be able to attend CodeMash can virtually participate in this contest.

Hmm, on that note I think I am going to try to introduce a bit of scope creep to this project and open the door decorating competition to anyone.  New specification: if you are not able to attend CodeMash but still want to participate I will accept email submissions of your decorated (office, home, shed, whatever) door and include them in the voting.  For best results please email me any photos by the Thursday of CodeMash.

I am going to try to grab the last available open space slot on Friday to announce the winner of the decorating competition.  The winner will be awarded a snazzy certificate signed by me and anyone else I can rope into signing it as well as the bragging rights as the “SuperMegaUltimate CodeMash Door Decorator”, which will look fabulous on any resume.

As we get closer to CodeMash (and I actually get the time to figure out the implementation of this competition) I will post updates to the CodeMash Google group and  here.

Since this is an individual effort I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or criticisms you may have.  Please let me know if you have any ideas!

Final note: I did run this idea past the CodeMash organizers before jumping into it.  Mad props to them for being so cool with it and for putting on such an awesome event.

I hope to see you at CodeMash or some other event!