CodeMash 2013 Door Decorating Competition Kickoff

It is now early Thursday morning and I am officially kicking off the first ever unofficial CodeMash Door Decorating Competition.

For years I have wandered the halls of the Kalahari jealous about how the cheerleader conference that comes in after CodeMash has awesomely decorated hotel room doors. Well no more I say. As I noted before I have had enough and it’s time for us CodeMashers to strut our stuff.  Bring on the glitter!

It brings a tear to my eye and joy to my heart that I saw a number of already decorated doors while wandering the halls on the Wednesday night before the regular conference starts. With my trusty digital camera at my side and my hiking boots on I have taken my first lap around the Kalahari and gathered up the first crop of pictures.

Using my elite programming skills, honed at past CodeMash conferences, I have developed a basic web application to let CodeMashers (and the rest of the world if they want to participate too) to vote on what the best decorated doors are at CodeMash. To see what doors are already entered into the competition check out . There you can cast votes for which door(s) you think are the best and also lay claim to your door if you want to be entered into the prize drawing.

This is a one person operation so if you don’t see your door on the competition site just send me a message at @jkuemerle and I will get to your door at my earliest opportunity.

You don’t even have to be at CodeMash to compete. Just send me a picture of your decorated door and I will enter it into the competition.

I will be using the @DoorComp Twitter account to send out announcements as I add new doors to be voted on.

I will be announcing the winners of the competition on Friday afternoon at the last Open Space session of the day.  Special thanks to Emily Schweiss, Telerik and Gibraltar Software for volunteering some prizes to sweeten the pot.  Best of luck to you, lets kick some cheerleader butt!