Shaking Things Up In 2013

With the new year upon us I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am moving to a new position. Effective February 20 I am joining Gibraltar Software and I will be working on Loupe. You can check out the new functionality at a webinar near you, sign up here

I am thrilled to be back working on developer tools again, and I am looking forward to working with the awesome team at Gibraltar.  I am going to remain in Ohio and telecommute so I will definitely still be around at all of the great technical events in the region.

The first tasks I am going to be working on are in partnership with Inedo. I will be working on the awesomeness that is ProGet and BuildMaster.  I have been a big proponent of automated build and deploy systems for many years and BuildMaster looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.  It certainly looks to be easier to use than wiring up a CruiseControl build script to deploy my shiny new .NET 2.0 Windows services onto multiple production servers when the server administrator pushed the “Build” button. 

I have been working with getting a NuGet  server to play nicely for a number of in house libraries and I am excited to see ProGet maturing. I think that there is a lot of benefit for companies to host their own NuGet feeds in house and ProGet makes it dead simple to not only host your own internal libraries as NuGet packages but also to shadow the publicly available third party libraries we all depend on.

If you are going to be at CodepaLOUsa please join me as I talk about all of the fun I am having building a website and API with a single codebase using ServiceStack.NET in my Hey, You Got Your API In My Website! session. This is a great experience for me to try to get back some of my rusty Linux skills as I work on hosting my web application under Mono. 

Speaking of CodepaLOUsa I am going to be running an encore door decorating competition, just like the one I ran at CodeMash.  You can see how creative some of the CodeMasher’s got here and I expect even greater things from the CodepaLOUsa crowd. CodeMash may have the bacon but Louisville has bourbon! I even have some kind sponsors who stepped up so I will be able to offer a prize or two for the finalists.

If you are looking for links to some of the great content that was presented at CodeMash I am maintaining a GitHub repository with links to slides, notes, blog posts and even code repositories that the various CodeMash speakers have made public. I welcome pull requests so please do let me know if there is any other public content that I may have missed.

I am sad to be leaving my current position at BookingBuilder Technologies, they have been a great place to work and have always been very supportive of my community involvement. If you know anyone who is interested in working on a full stack .NET system covering everything from SQL Server to WPF and ASP.NET there is now an opening. You can see the details here. The job (and whole company) is 100% telecommute so you can work from anywhere. I also have a number of extra StackOverflow Careers invitations, please reach out to me if you would like one.